The Face – Oxygen

The Face – Oxygen

Get ready for televisions next fantastic modeling competition show and get ready for your chance to take the world by storm. The Oxygen Network and supermodel extraordinaire Naomi Campbell are set to bring The Face to living rooms everywhere and their search has begun for the freshest new modeling talent on the planet for the biggest and most high profile modeling competition ever. Auditions and casting calls for The Face will be happening soon and contestant submissions are being accepted now. This could be your big break into the world of modeling.

The Face will feature the legendary Naomi Campbell along with two other superstars of the modeling world as they look to discover the most talented undiscovered models to compete for the ultimate modeling crown. Throughout the season those lucky ladies selected will be broken down into three teams, each led by one of the supermodel hosts as they compete against each other in a series of runway, print and commercial modeling challenges that will determine who is the last model standing. The winner of The Face will receive an exclusive modeling contract with a national brand and will become the ‘Face’ of the company in all of it’s advertising and promotion. This is the chance of a modeling lifetime – to be not only will you be given insight and mentorship by three of the most beautiful and successful models in history but your Face will be known worldwide as the visage of one of the worlds foremost brands. Auditions and casting calls for The Face are happening soon and application submissions van be found here Leave a message below and tell us why you should be chosen to compete and keep checking in for all of the audition updates for The Face.

There has never been a better time to start a career in modeling than right now. Be a part of the next generation of world renowned models as you are named the winner of Oxygen’s The Face.

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  1. to have this opportunity would be a dream come true i”ve been to audition after audition some were rip offs and others weren”t for example i made through a couple of next top model auditions and was told to keep trying so here i am still trying i”m a mother of three and still in a size 3 and beautiful inside and out i can only prey that you find it in your heart to give me this opportunity you most definitally WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello I’m Genesis I’m 25 yrs old…I think I can be the winner of the face..I’ve always wanted to model & show off my talent..its been a dream of mine for so long…just want it to come true..I think I’m who your looking for….:-) thanks genesis……

  3. Hi. I have suffered the misfortune of being asked if I’ve ever thought of modelling & have always had people tel me I look like a model. Trouble is, I have auditioned for various agencies with no luck. The Face could be my big break & would like to reach out for an opportunity to audition. How do I apply?

  4. i am intrested in auditioning for this show. This has been a dream of sence i was a little girl. To have such a opportunity i would take full advantage.

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