Becoming an actor? Need to find auditions?

Are you becoming an actor and need to find auditions? Then you have found the right place! You know, a long time ago, before the internet, actors use to read about casting calls in newspapers like Variety or hear from a friend about an open call for a movie, tv show or a play. But now there is a free site online that can help you find auditions in your area for almost any kind of acting job you might want. Television, movie and theater producers are always looking for the next new star to make their production shine, and bring in the big bucks!

So how do you make yourself appealing to a casting director? You act like a boy scout and always be prepared. Even if you are new to the game, you have to act as if you’re not.

  • Know your lines, and try to do a little research about the project so if asked a question you won’t get caught off guard.
  • Be on time, in fact be early, you never know what you might learn while waiting for things to begin.
  • Always, always look your best from head to toe. Make sure you’re having your best hair day ever, your clothes are free of wrinkles and are clean. If you know a little about the look of the character you are auditioning for and you can make some similar choices in your clothing and appearance, do it. Just don’t go overboard.
  • Turn off your cell before you walk in. You want to be memorable but you don’t want them to remember you because your ring tone interrupted someone else audition.
  • Be charming! Smile for the camera. Show them the brilliant actor that you are.
  • If you flub a line don’t draw attention to it. Keep going, and don’t let the mistake shake you. They are watching to see if you can act, but they also want to know how you handle yourself.

You only get one shot to make a great impression. If you missed the bus or your car got a flat on the way to the audition, keep it to yourself. When you walk in to that audition is when you start acting. Leave all your troubles outside the audition. Walk in beaming with confidence and grace.

Follow these tips and use your talent well and you’ll be sure to get a gig.

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