Castings Calls that are perfect for YOU!

When your dream is to become an actor or at least begin your career in the industry, the only way to start is by finding castings and auditions that are perfect for you.

This is the only way to get an acting job and have the opportunity to display your talent.

The only challenge in terms of castings and auditions is finding them. Here is how to find castings and auditions.

  • Check television show websites for casting calls.
    Several television shows look for new talent regularly. This is most common with talent based television shows in which a competition is involved. If you have a talent, such as singing, this would be a perfect option
  • Check websites of major television networks.
    Major television networks list casting calls for many of their very popular shows. You can find all the information you need on these sites.
  • Pay attention to popular media.
    Popular media which includes, radio, television, internet and the newspaper are great places to look for castings and auditions. You can also find jobs in the same industry such as modeling or movie extra.
  • Join a drama/ acting group or class.
    When you join a drama/acting group or class, you will have access to several resources that can help you find auditions that are perfect for you. Most likely your instructor will be someone who has experience in the industry and can notify you of local castings. The entertainment industry is all about who you know.
  • Check with the reality television world.
    For some, reality television is a great way to start a career in the entertainment industry. Reality television is very popular and can jumpstart your career.

Overall, finding casting and auditions is not a difficult task. All you have to do is utilize all you resources and get to know people in the industry. Castings and auditions can be found in a variety of places and can be your big break. Once you find an audition, be sure to do your very best, stay calm and display all that you have to offer. Once you walk into a casting your goal is to stand out and make them hire you.

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