Jessie – Disney Channel

Jessie - Disney Channel
Jessie – Disney Channel

Disney’s #1 show is back with even more hilarious episodes and shooting is just around the corner. Jessie has been charming fans of all ages since it’s debut in 2011 and now a new batch of outrageous, laugh packed adventures are on the way to entertain it’s audience of millions around the world.

Jessie tells the story of Texas girl Jessie Prescott who leaves her strict household led by her Army officer father to venture out into the world searching for something more than a life on a military base. What she finds is a job unlike anything she could have ever imagined and a family unlike any she has ever seen.

Jessie takes a job as a nanny in New York City for a fabulously wealthy couple and their four super-unique and super-funny children Emma,. Luke, Ravi and Zuri. Jes along with the children and the loveable (and a bit loony) butler Bertram spend their days in their multi-million dollar penthouse, in the big, bright NYC and in loads of zany escapades.

More Jessie is coming, aspiring performers, and so are more outstanding chances to be chosen for open roles. Actors interetsed in upcoming auditions for new episodes of this Disney Channel favorite can head here and here for news and casting call updates. All details and information that we receive will be posted here so stay tuned for further announcements and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the show and the network and why you would like to be a part of the cast of Disney’s Jessie.

Featured Cast of Jessie:

Debby Ryan – Jessie Prescott
Peyton List – Emma Ross
Cameron Boyce – Luke Ross
Karan Brar – Ravi Ross
Skai Jackson – Zuri Ross
Kevin Chamberlin – Bertram

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  1. Hi my name is leeshion stroud my friends call me shawn I’m 14 15 in june 29 i live in Louisville ky i love acting and i love the show also i love being around other people and i don’t care if its big or small but all i know that that it would be an honor to work with all the talented people so if u have a spot on the show just email to me thank you for your time.

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