Getaway Featuring Selena Gomez – Movie

Getaway Featuring Selena Gomez

One of America’s most beloved young starlets Selena Gomez has lined up her next feature film role in Getaway and shooting is scheduled to begin soon. Casting calls and auditions for this exciting new action movie starring the luminous Disney star are being planned now and you can submit yourself for available roles today. This is your chance to work with a rising Hollywood star as make your big break in you make your break in a highly anticipated film project.

Getaway will follow a terrifying day in the life of down on his luck race car driver Brent Magna (played by Academy Award Nominee Ethan Hawke, star of Training Day and Before Sunrise) when his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious madman. Magna is trapped in a car rigged with cameras, speakers and microphones and he must use his skills as a driver to follow the instructions to save his wife from the unseen kidnapper. Magna’s only help comes in the form of a young computer hacker (Gomez, the star of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and Hotel Transylvania) and his unbreakable desire to rescue his true love. Will the duo be able to save his wife in time? Millions of moviegoers around the world will be waiting to find out but you don’t have to wait for a shot at a role in this exciting action thriller. Auditions and casting calls for Getaway are happening soon and you can apply for consideration today. To submit yourself for available roles or for more information about the project you can send an email here As soon as more casting updates are released we will bring them to you so stay tuned right here for the latest news on Getaway starring Selena Gomez and leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want to work on this fabulous feature film.

This is a crackling thriller that has box office hit written all over it. Apply today for your chance to star with Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke in the Warner Brothers production of Getaway.

8 Replies to “Getaway Featuring Selena Gomez – Movie”

  1. Hi im chanel 🙂 . This is a dream come true for me and a great way too start off my career . This is a great oppertunity for me that id be sooo soo thankful for even if i dont book it. 🙂 This would be the best thing ever and i think id do great , i do have acting skills. – brown eyes , dark brown hair , 15 years old 🙂 thanks

  2. Hi I’m Damyra Dunn I have brown eye and brown hair and I would Love to be in The movie Getaway with Selena Gomez please .Thank You Bye

  3. I think it would be fun to be in a movie,and Selena Gomez in this movie would be even cooler. Well to be honest I would probably play around a little bit but I would be serious when it was time to be. Age 13

  4. I would love to be in a movie with Selena Gomez. I love her so much. And I love acting.

    P.S. I’m a really good actress

  5. I would LOVE to work on this film because I am
    A very reliable person and it is my dream to work
    With Selena Gomez. I am very hard-working and will
    Do anything it takes to make this movie the best it can

  6. Name: Kinsey Kutilek
    Age: 14
    State: Michigan
    Experience: Acting camps, multiple stage productions,
    Hair: Light Brown/Gingerish
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Height: 5″5
    Personality: Very outgoing, funny, kind, sharing,
    Friendly, helpful, creative
    Other: I love to act. I also play volleyball and basketball
    But am willing to give them up for acting. I was in my first
    Production when I was 9. I would love to work on a movie!

  7. I would love to be in a movie and I would like a role in this movie
    I will be looking to work with yall

  8. I want to start out and say I am a huge fan of Selena Gomez. I watched as many episodes that I could access of her in Wizards of Waverly Place. Being on a film with her, I think, would be a great experience. Getting a role in this Film could really help me out with acting other than my school class. I love to act and i have been doing it since I was 8 I am currently 15 and I have an even greater interest in acting than I did when I was younger. I really wish I could get an audition date, I am from New York.

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