Supah Ninjas – Nickelodeon

Supah Ninjas – Nickelodeon

You think school is hard for you? What if you had to deal with studying, your social life AND had to fight super villains? That’s just what happens every week on the hit Nickelodeon action-comedy Supah Ninjas. Producers for this highly rated series are gearing up to shoot an exciting batch of new episodes and they will be holding casting calls and auditions soon. This could be your chance to make your big Hollywood break on one of the most popular shows on television today.

Supah Ninjas focuses on high school student Mike Fukanaga receives a mysterious letter shortly after the death of his grandfather telling him that he is descended from a long line of legendary ninjas and now is his time to begin his training. Mike also discovers that his grandfather has been reincarnated as a hologram who Mike begins to call Hologramps. He soon recruits his friends Owen and Amanda to help him in his quest to rid their town of evil doers, criminals and villains. The trio dub themselves the Supah Ninjas and receive training from Hologramps and turn their new found skills against the dark forces around them.. This blockbuster series features some of the most gifted performers working in television today including Ryan Potter as Mike, Gracie Dzienny as Amanda McKay, Carlos Knight as Owen Reynolds and the legendary George Takei of Star Trek fame as Hologramps. Each week millions upon millions of loyal viewers tune in to watch the high kick and high comedy  adventures of Mike and the gang and now you could be the next star to work alongside them. Auditions and casting calls will be held shortly for the all new episodes. For more information you can head here and make sure to leave a message for us below and tell us why you want to fight alongside America’s favorite crime fighting team. More details are on the way so stay tuned for all of the latest audition updates for Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas.

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  1. The reason I want to be along side the supah ninjas I would like to bring justice and fight crime I’m 15 I’m intrested in martial arts my mom teaches me she’s a purples belt and she tought me a lot and I always wanted to become a ninja and its my dream to be along side them please so I ask my you plz accept me

  2. I would love to be apart of supah ninjas because I am in karate and i am a singer and dancer and by dance talent will help with everything that goes on I am thirteen and would like to be on supah ninjas so please accept me

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